Friday, January 13, 2006

January 11, 2006

12:54-1:15 L/R COUCH
New York Magazine “A Guy Named Craig” Read and highlighted
1:15-1:18 How Would Jade Jagger Spend $11,250? Read
1:18-21 9 emails
1:21-23 Yahoo
1:24-27 NY Times "In a Flash, Camera Dealers Feel the Web's Wrath"

1:42-46 NYTimes “But Enough of You, Judge”
1:46-52 Alito at Hearing, Pledges an Open Mind on Abortion”
1:52-3 In the Treatment of Diabetes, Success Does Not Pay” Read 1st 3 ¶
1:53-3 EPA Revision is Likely to Cut Mileage Ratings Scanned
1:53-57 Another Chinese Export is all the Rage: China’s Language.
1:58-8 France: Son Ordered to Bury or Cremate his Frozen Parents
1:58-2:00 California Parents File Suit Over H.S. Course
2:01 Records Expose Schism in Chicago Family” Read 1st ¶

7:07-1 S/BND W TRAIN
“When A Memoir and Facts Collide.”
7:11-14 “The Drawing Center Finds its Perch”

5 emails


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