Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January 30, 2006

Monday January 30, 2006

10:30-5 LIVING ROOM COUCH (Baby Sleeping) NY Times “Seeing Fakes Angry Traders Confront Ebay”
11:30 “Off Duty Police Officer Is Shot by Police During Fight in Bronx”
11:45-47 “Chinatown Journal” On Canal Street, Ferreting Out the Louis Vuitton Imposters”
11:53-58 A Section “Climate Expert Says Nasa Tried to Silence Him” 12:00-01 “Ex Ex Ex Men The Remarrying Kind” Ellen Barkin and the Ex (Baby Waking)
12:48-9 “Forsaken by the City: A Rift Over Broken Sidewalks” “Good Eating/Chinatown

6:30-36 “Body Found in Indonesian Consulate” (Clare comes home)
6:48-54 ”Accounts Vary in the Shooting Of an Officer”
6:54-6 “Policy for Police Force: Guns and Drunkeness Don’t Mix”
7:00-7:02 “Memoir Becomes Novel, Secret Remains Secret”
7:04-7 “Behind All that Glitter, Ice Dancing’s Daily Grind”
7:17-18 “Oprahness Trumps Truthiness”

11:20-32 HOME OFFICE “Capturing the;; “Understanding Sibling Incest” “Sibling Sexual Abuse” Richard Riolex
7:18-23 “Why Hold the Superlatives? ‘American Idol’ is Ascendant”


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