Monday, March 06, 2006

February, 27, 2006

Monday, February 27, 2006

8:56-8 DINING ROOM Cabinet Forget me Not: An Interview with Geoffrey Batchen

9:27-34 HOME OFFICE “Tan Lin Ethan Bumas Hilary Englert Chris Cunningham Mary Blanchard”
9:34-6 “Climbers at Mt. McKinley to be Limited Starting on ‘07”
9:39 “Fredrick Busch, Author of Poetic Fiction, Dies at 64”
9:45-6 “Questions for David Sickey. Lobbying Reservations”
9:46-50 “Is Freedom Just Another Word for Many Things to Buy?”
9:50-3 ‘Asia Society Plans Bold Projects to Increase its Global Presence”
9:54-5 “Is Freedom Just Another Word…”
9:55-8 “Fire: The New Granite”
10-10:02 “Preserving a Modernist Masterpiece”
10:03-6 “Living ON/The Lower East Side A New Page in an Unpredictable Tale”
10:05-6 “Neighbhorhood Report Chinatown “Gridlock: The Movie”
10:06 “Urban Studies Riffing” “The Jazz is Cool, but Karaoke Reigns”
10:14-16 Playlist “Bleeps and Blips as Far Fram Broadway as Possible: Hot Chip Grizzly Bear Regina Spektor
10:16-18 Hot Chip Grizzly Bear Regina Spektor


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