Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 22, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

11:02-3 LR NYT Decanting Robert Parker
6:30-45 HOME OFFICE Sussmann Volk , Restauranteur and Gadget Inventor, 80, Dies
6:46-7 Ann Calvelllo, 76, A Legend in Roller Derby’s Rowdy Rinks, Dies
6:47-9 Robert C. Baker, Who Reshaped Chicken Dinner, Dies at 84
6:49-51 Sidney Frank, 86, Dies: Took a German Drink and a Vodka Brand to Stylish Heights
6:52 W.J. Oswald, 86, Algae Miracle Worker, Dies
6:53 Ed Peterson, 100, Seedsman Who collected California Wildflowers

11:21-4 Corzine Proposes Increase Taxes and Cost Cutting
11:27 A Coyote is Spotted Roaming Near the Zoo in Central Park
11:28-30 Army Dog Handler is Convicted in Detainee Abuse at Abu Ghraib
11:31-41 Johannesburg Journal In the Jungle, the Unjust Junge, A Small Victory
11:43-6 Straight to Paperback: Literary Novels
11:46-8 Time to Make Lollipop a Museum
11:51-3 Where Have all the Supermarkets Gone


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