Monday, May 15, 2006

May 8, 2006

Monday, May 8, 2006

2:32-6 HOME OFFICE WSJ Females Don’t Always Go for Hottest Mate
2:50 NYT The Sick Seatmate: What’s Your Risk?
3:02-5 The Mystery of the Stock Price and the Strike Price
3:06 Mad About that Perfect Hat for the Summer
3:11 On The Menu, Rumors Greatly Exagerrated
3:12 Shedding the Fleece, Joining the Flock
3:13-14 Huggable, but Only for a While
3:15-16 Between Addiction and Abstinence
3:19-21 The Village Voice Film Repeat Performance Three Times
3:21-3 Love in Vein Clean
3:23-8 The End of Violence Lady Vengeance
3:29-30 Gypsy Amy Silliman
3:31 Michael Krebber
3:37-9 NYT Democrats Push for House in the Northeast
3:40-1 A Sergeant’s Death in Iraq Follows His Fiancee’s
3:44-8 Obituaries Louis Rukeyeser, Television Host, Dies at 73
4:05 NYTBR Treasure Hunt The Book of Lost Book
4:07 -12 A Reporter’s Reporter A Writer’s Life
4:15-19 Tales from the Crit: For Art Students, May is the Cruelest Month
4:20 1 email
4:24-7 Forests in SE Asia Fall to Prsperity’s Ax
4:29-32 Up to Her Eyes in Gore and Loving It
4:37-9 Next Step for Counterfeiters: Faking the Whole Company
8:33-34 NYT Mag Shelf Improvement
8:35-8 The Birth Month Soccer Anomaly
9:23-4 In Internet Age, Writers Face Frontier Justice


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