Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 8, 2006

Thursday, June 8, 2006

HOME OFFICE al-Zarqui Killed

3:37-56 ARTFORUM “Terry Eagleton reviews Zizek’s The Parallax View”
3:57-4:07 A 10 year Awakening from an Urban Nightmare
4:07-10 DNA Samples Link 4 Murders in Connecticut
4:10-13 Epithet has Many Meannings A Harvard Professor Testifies
4:15 Grandparents Hled in Death of Baby Boy
4:15-16 Rooms Streaked with Sunshine Even if it’s a cloudy Day “yoga pants” “very sexy” “online Sale” “bras” “artists” “lucky debelvue” “isabela kirkland” “jason “ben snead” “lisa beck” “howard johnson” “michael baniki” “wurtz” blobjects calvino zizek calvino calvino “kwajelein atoll” a “missile defense” “cells that read minds” “anne treisman” “calm computing” “mark weiser” “severe tire damage” “ubiquitous computing” “butor” “nouveau roman” “cortazar” “hopscotch”
University of “hopscotch”
/ “things that think” “steppenwolf RIP” “Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds” “because we all know t.v. sucks” “mating ritual” “Paris Sings” “Behind the Music that Sucks: Lindsay Lohan” “the gamekillers”

WSJ Slowdown Causes Condo Conversion
MacBook Laptop Lacks A Few Features but Has Lots to Like, Low Price
Changing the Light Bulb Thomas Germany eames child’s chair arabia Finland sarpaneva iittala wirkalla cocso childs’ chair “property for sale”
WSJ A Six Minute Tirade on a Hong Kong Bus Rides into the Vernacular
water shaving showerheads


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