Saturday, August 26, 2006

July 25, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

11:47-12:39 HOME OFFICE “pattern language” “christopher alexander”
12:49-58 Erich Gamma design patterns CD
1:34-7 “osteoporosis”
1:51- 4 A Notice to Evice, Served on a White Tablecloth
1:55-7 Missile Falls on Bronx Highway but It’s a Dud Used for Exercises
1:57-9 Seeing the News Distilled On Paper
1:59 Tina Fey Leaves SNL
2-01 Students Died as They Lived, Playing Soccer with Friends
2:02-5 4 Officers Hurt (one by Put Bull) as Police Fire 26 Shots to Kill Dog in Bronx
3:27-34 Debris is Gone but Legal Issues Remain to Sift Through
3:29-31 Doctor Dies from Wounds Suffered in Blast
3:34- Suspect in String of Felonies Pleads Not Guilty, Insolently
3:37 “diana bianchi”
3:37-9 “brazil”
3:39-41 Police Hold Man as Suspect in String of Crimes
3:41-3 Suffolk Man Charged with Raping 6 Girls He Met Online
3:43-5 Should Museums Always Be Free
3:52 A Short Course on Bridge Loans
3:54-6 Paying for Coverage You May Not Need
4:07-10 More Lights Go On in Queens, One Unhappy Block at a Time
4:11-18 Shop That Sells Bait to the Stars is Moving Soon
4:19-22 A Vacant Lot In the South Bronx Was Their Paradise
4:22 At the Day Spa, Soaking Through the Night
5:45-55 “recursion” “object oriented programming” “object oriented language”

8:14-15 Priest Is Killed by Minivan
8:15-20 New York Has Work to Do to Keep ts Tap Water Pure
8:21-5 At Homeless Encampment Some Favor the Mayor’s Plan
8:28-9 WSJ Better Rates on the Web
8:30-3 Take Comfort: the Joy of Cooking Gets Back to Basics
8:36-7 New Headache for Homeowners: Inflated Appraisals
8:38- 43 Internet Grocerrs Can Help You Avoid Supermarket, but is it Worth the Price
8:46-9 Of Poetry and Publicity Collected Poems Edith Sitwell
8:49-50 Central Europe on Two Beers a Day
8:51-5 Cracking the Neaderthal Code
10:49- 51 Major Math Problem is Believed Solved by Reclusive Russian
10:51 Will the Boat Sink the Water
11- 03 Grading Surgeons May Be Healthy Practice


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