Sunday, February 18, 2007

October 3, 2007

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

1:43-6 HOME OFFICE WSJ Air Power
1:56-7 New Report that Senator Uttered Slurs
1:59-01 Judge Dismisses Murder Charge Against a Suspect in a 1990 Case
2:05-7 How a Google Search can Become a Security Threat
2:16-26 New Ideas for Building in the Face of Modernism
2:28-34 An Innocent Abroad, educed by a Madman
3:01 Wireless Networking May Soon Get Faster. Will Anyone Care
3:04-8 Is Hysteria Real?
3:10-11 Its Owner is Mourned but a Chinese Restaurant Goes On
3:13-18 Fortune’s Fool’s Why The Rich Go Broke
3:19-20 The Best and Worst in Executive Pay
3:25 A Battle on the Lower East Side
3:25-31 Chorus Line Returns as Do Regrets Over lIfe Stories Signed Away
3:33-5 In China Children Learn Class Minus the Struggle
3:38 Vico Magistretti,85 Furniture Designer Dies
3:39 ebay “magistretti”
3:48-52 WSJ What Independent 529 Plans Get You when Junio Applies to College
3:53 Beneath the Dow’s Surge, Investor’s Find a Mixed Bag
3:58 Blown Away by the ’03 Bourdeaux

4:48-5:24 SUBWAY NYER Atul Gawande The Score
5:32-5 The Mystic Word

9:18-27 The Mystic Word


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