Saturday, January 14, 2006

January 13, 2006

Friday January 13, 2006

10:50-55AM L/R COUCH NY Times “When Mr. and Mrs. Business Owner Split Up.”
10:55-11:05 “Lobbying to Sell Your House”
11:07-7 “Record Profits Elict Big Bonuses on Wall Street”
11:07-8 “Martha Stewart Plans to Publish New Magazine.”
11;09-10 “Portable Audio with Sound That’s Meant to be Bigger”
11:10-18 “O’Connor Casts A Long and Powerful Shadow on Nominee at Senate Confirmation Hearings”
11:18-19 “An Intense Experience for Family Members, Too”
11:19-20 “Brigit Nillson, Soptano Legen Who Tamed Wagner, Dies at 87”
11:20-25 “East Meets West. Adding Pounds and Peril” Read 1st page and part of jump 1/12

11:45-12:12 HOME OFFICE
email; Yahoo
12:12-15 Ebay Cees Braackman

4:25-26 ICA Boston Invite
4:26-7 State Farm Insurance Claim Request
4:27-30 Merrill Lynch Global Research Highlights”
4:58 Yahoo Finance Analysts Opinion MOGN
4:59-5:01 “MGI Pharmaceutical Colid Co Despite Mixed Guidance”
5:02-8 Yahoo Finance analyst opinion SYMC, JNJ, MRCK
5:09-14 4 email
5:14-15 CD liner notes New Buffalo The Last Beautiful Day

10:50-55 Ebay Cees Braackman Listing
10:59- 11-10 NY Times Finished East Meets West
11:10-11 “Democrats Take Aggressive Tack: Alito is Unfazed.” Skimmed
11:12-13 “Gift Cards are Increasingly Used to Launder Money”
11:14-18 “Texas Redistcting Is one More Hurdle for DeLay”
11:19-22 “Trial Opens in Prison Slaying of Ex-Priest”
11:23-27 “Op-Ed Judge Alito in His Own Words”
11:27- 31 “Eyes Off the Prize” James F. English

11:33-37 “Wheels on the Bus, Well Oiled” People get in a monster limo and party and throw up.
11:37-42 “Doubts Cloud Plan For Cellphone Service in Subway Stations” Read and skimmed 2nd half.
11: 42-7 “Long Chain of Alarms Preceded Death of Girl, 7”
11:47-49 “Europe Joins US in Urging Aaction by U.N. on Iran.”
11:49-50 “Maryland Sets A Health Cost for Wal-Mart” 1st page
11:50-2 “A Fallen Judge Rethinks Crime and Punishment” 1st page story
11:52-3 “New Orleans Schoolgirls Have a Message for the President.” Read 1st ¶
11:54-5 “DNA Ties Man execute din ’92 to the Murder he Denied” Skimmed
11:55-56 Op-Ed “Pro Choice Senators and Judge Alito”
11:56-7 Katy Grannan
12:00-1 “Who Needs a White Cube These Days?” Skimmed
12:01-2 “Films in Need of a little Nip and Tuck”
12:02-3 Footnotes: Richard Hatch
12:03-4 “Pop” and “Art” listings skimmed
12:04-5 “In Suit, Actress say Pregnancy Led to Firing”
12:13-14 New Yorker Art Reviews "Araki""Richard Tuttle" scanned music listings,film reviews


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