Friday, February 03, 2006

February 1, 2006

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

1:40-1 HOME OFFICE NY Times Brussels Journal “Masters of Chocolate Look Abroad and See Something Even Richer”
1:41-2 “Scientists Find Gene that Controls Type of Earwax in People” (wet and dry) (“earwax type and body and armpit odor are correlated”

2:27- “Fresh Direct Emphasized its New York Flavor”
2:28- “When Jerry Met Terry, Yahoo!” (ooops) (“a relentless focus on focus” )

4:33-6 Google: “Chinese Food in America” “History of Chinese Restaurants in America”

5:00-01 “Extending the Debate on Extended Warranties” (don’t) (do the math)
5:03 “In Some Trusts, the Heirs Must Work for Their Money”

7:51-8 F TRAIN TO BROOKLYN “City Was Told 6 Times of Trouble in Bronx Boy’s Home”
7:59-8:02 “Anatomy of a City Terror: Falling on the Tracks”
8:05-6 “People Cringed But 12 Cameras Never Blinked”


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