Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 10. 2006

Friday, March 10, 2006

11:19-21 LIVING ROOM NY Times The World Tour Rolls into Town, Sprawing but Tidy
11:21 Diner’s Guide The Orchard Blaue Gans Del Posto
11:28-30 Where Buy Low and Sell High are a Co-Op’s Fighting Words
11:30 Company Erros on SAT Scores Raise new Qualms About Testing
11:30-2 Jerry Saltz Biennial in Babylon
11:42 HOME OFFICE 7 Stocks you need to know for Friday
11:43 calls vs. puts
11:53 The Motley Fool The Latest Losers
1:02-3:45 Geoffrey Winthrop-Young Silicon Sociology, or, Two Kings on Hegel’s Throne? Kittler, Luhmann, and the Posthuman Merger of German Media Theory.10 pages Nicholas Gane Radical Post-Humanism Friedrich Kittler and the Primacy of Technology 16 pages
3:45-4:05 Marjorie Perloff Radical Artifice 12 pages
4:05-45 MOGN analyst opionions. research MOGN LU THOR ANN
8:10-9:21 Silcon Sociology 4 pages


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