Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 12, 2006

Sunday, March 12, 2006

4:16-18 LIVING ROOM NY Times Alive and Well in Silicon Alley
4:19-21 Buttoned up bouncers on Defensive
4:21 Peasant Chic, No Permafrost
4:22 The Actress What I’m Wearing Now

5:59-6:04 DINING ROOM TABLE Police Say DNA Links Bounce to Body of Slain Student
6:04-8 Two Killings that Didn’t Make News

7:43-9 HOME OFFICE L. Suidervaart The Social Significance of Autonomous Art: Adorno and Burger 5 pages

8:22-5 LIVING ROOM NY Times Book Review The Postmodern Novelist
8:26 TBR Inside the List Profane Illumination
8:55-8 HOME OFFICE NY Times A Second Mistrial for Gotta as the Jury Deadlocks
9:56-7 Weddings Celebrations Caroline Wong, Brett McGurk
9:57-10 State of the Unions Mel Schneeberger, Christopher Robbins
10:02 Hallelujah and Namaste
10:03 Lower East Side Putting Her Her Best 1,000 Shoes Forward
10:04 Join the World Record-Breaking Longest Kick Line in Times Square, March 7
10:08 Brooklyn Woman, 79, Dies Under Whell of a City Bus
10:10 Anonymuos Sources is Not the Same as Open Source
10:14-15 The Silver is Antique, Though the Search Isn’t
10:19 Op-Ed Gale Norton Resigns


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