Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 23, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

7:40-51 LIVING ROOM Adopted in China, Seeking Identity in America
7:51-3 Roberts Dissent Reveals Strain Beneath Cour’s Placid Surface
7:54-6 Iraq Abuse Trial is again limited to Lower Ranks
8:10-13 Conviction for Abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison Again Focusses on Low Ranking Soldier
8:13 -14 The Joy of Being Blameless
8:15-17 To all the Girls I’ve Rejected
8:18 Dear Web KigL Hated the Shampoo, Loved the Soap

1:16 NY Times Currents Los Angeles A Vision of Utopia, Adapted as Shelter from the California Sun
1:17 Objects from a Master of Whimsy With a Wide and Long Career
1:18 A Brick Interior Wall is shedding a white powder. Is there a solution that will retain the natural look?
1:22-5 Let int eh Light. Sho Off the Tub. Who Needs Privacy?
1:27-30 Awaiting Verdict, Victim’s Family feels 2003 Killing Is Eclipsed Again
1:30-6 Club Bouncer Indicted for Murder in High-Profile Rape and Strangling
1:37-9 Mrs. Clinton says GOP’s Immigration Plan is at Odds with the Bible
1:38-43 A Coyote Leads a Crowd on a Central park Marathon

5:22-3 NY WATERWAY FERRY TERMINAL Coyote is Captured after howeler of a dog run in Central Park

5:27-32 FERRY Imette-Slay Indictment
5:33-5 NY Air has the natinos highest cancer risk
5:37 Sting Hot for Sex Parties
5:38 Natalee’s Last Photo

8:52 BUS Hepburn Gal to sue
8:53-9:16 Daniel Nettle Happiness, Chapter 5, 32 pages

10:47 HOME OFFICE 3 emails


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