Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 11, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

7:50-51 PATH TRAIN Stabilizing Today, Matt Lauer Extends Contract to 2011
7:58-8:02 At Berlin Biennial, Art Fits Anywhere
8:04-6 A New Fugue for Handicappers: Interactive and Unpredictable ‘Ameridcan Idol’

8:38 New Jersey Tribe Member Dies after Park Police Shooting at Back-Roads Party
8:39 BUS Retired Police Officer is Killed in Hail of Bullets at S.I. Mall
8:47-8 Retired Police Officers Shot; Wife is Held for Questioning

9:47-52 PATH Lawyers for Duke Players Say DNA Evidence Clears Them
9:57-9 Foreign Pros in College Tennis: On Top and Under Scrutiny
9:58 Zines in the Library Catalogue? Of Course
10-02 Vilgot Sjoman, Filmmaker Without Taboos, Dies at 81
10:11-12 Why Industrious Rats Put up with Lazy Ones
10:12-13 From Squeak to Syntax: Language’s Incremental Evolution


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