Saturday, April 08, 2006

April 1, 2006

Saturday, April 1, 2006

9:58-10:06 HK RESTAURANT NYTBR Elizabeth Bishop’s Rough Genius. Edgar Allan Poe and the Juke Box
10:08-18 Welcome to the Machine. Programming the Universe
10:19 These Fragments I have Shored: The Oxford Cento
10:20-35 NY Times Mag The Time Trap Is child care work or is it leisure?
10:36-8 Questsion for Miachael Chertoff On the Homeland Front
10:39-40 Freakonomics Fillin the the Tax Gap
10:53 The Trash Isn’t Pretty, but Oh the Cans
10:56-7 Hal Coyote, 1, Known for Romp in Central Park, is Dead
10:57-8 Missing Student’s Blood is Foun in Trash Bin at College

9:50-2 DINING ROOM NY Times Art in Review Motore Immobile
9:53-5 Books of the Times Wonders are Possible. Alas, the Odds are Another Story
9:55-10 The Chinese Vanguard Is Blazing its Trails with Cameras
10:05-7 FBI Colleagues Help Ex-Agent Post Bail
10:07-12 Ground Zero Still in Limbo as Talks Fail
10:13-14 Mayor Calls 2 Main Ideas on Immigration Unrealistic
10:25-33 Stepping Onstage as a Waitress, She May Exit Met as a Star
10:34-43 911 Tapes Echo Grim Struggle in Towers Trapped in Smoke, Told to Stay Put
10:43-50 Disaster Defied Operators’ Training


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