Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April 18,, 2006

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

8:08-11 PATH The Fire This Time: A General’s Report
8:15-16 Suspect Surrenders in Killing of 2 Year Old
8:17 Mystery of Man Gone 13 Years Ends in Brooklyn Court
8:27 Fiction Geraldine BrooksPoetry Claudia Emerson Criticism Robin Givhan

12:09-13 NJCU FACULTY DINING Mayor Overules 2 Aides Seeking Food Stamp Shift
12:15-19 Turmoil at Village Voice: A New Editor is Awaited
12:19-22 In Coffee Throwing Cae, a Second Allegation Emerges
12:23-27 A New Crime Fighter, for $10 in Hay and Oats
12:31 National Archives Pact Let CIA Withdraw Public Documents
12:32 Lawyer Says Two Duke Lacrosse Players are Indicted in Rape Case
12:33 Rumsfeld Says Calls for Ouster will Pass
12:40 Nemo Beware: Fish Tank Can Be a Haven for Salmonella
12:40 Really? The Claim: Birth Order Influences Intelligence
12:45-7 A Slight Change in Habits Could Lull You to Sleep

2:21-23 NJCU OFFICE 3 emails

7:50-55 NJCU Academia Dissects the Service Sector, but Is it a Science?
7:55-8:01 A Farewell to Citigroup


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