Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 25, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

7:58-8:04 PATH TRAIN NY Times Filming Flight 93’s Story, Trying to Define Heroics
8:04-11 Light and Space Reveal True Judd

11:35-9 NJCU FACULTY DINING NY Times Clubs Feel Sting of Police Raids
11:42-8 Three Quiet Brothers on Long Island, All of Them Related to Hitler
11:49-51 An Avid Walker, 61, Is Stabbed to Death in Prospect Park
11:51-5 Terror Case May Offer Clues Into Police Use of Informants
11:56-7 CIA Crackdown Seeks to Tighten
11:59-12:03 One Day, That Economy Ticket May Buy You a Place to Stand
12:11-15 Graffitti Back on Subway, Indeliby This Time
12:16-18 Defendant Gets 25 Years for Beating Gay Man
12:18-22 Girl is Rescued 2 Hours After Abduction
12:24-26 Forecast: Cloudy, with a 50% Chance of Sculpture
12:28-30 Books of the Times A Quintessential Superfluous Man, Trapped in Absurdity


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