Monday, May 15, 2006

May 9, 2006

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

10:59-11 LIVING ROOM WSJ Making the Most of your 15 Minutes
11:01-2 End of the Package Deal
11:06-7 Revenge of the Large Cap Stocks11:10-16 To Reduce Errors Hispitals Prescribe Innovative Designs
12:35-6 HOME OFFICE Google Video Gumball 3000 – 2005 Porsche Carrera GT wheelspin part 1 17 sec -
12:36-12:50 Steven Colbert Roasts Bush
12:53 Pepsi Bavarians Take on Professionals
12:54-1:06 Bush Impersonation CSPAN
1:52-3 A Comedian’s Riff on Bush Prompts an E-Spat
1:53-4 Truthiness and Power (2 letters)
1:55 After Press Dinner, the Blogosphere is Alive with the Sound of Colbert Chatter

2:05-11 LIVING ROOM NYT Early Intensity Underlines Role of Races in Ohio
2:11-17 Exit of Spy Chief Viewed as Move to Revamp CIA
2:17-22 A Long Legacy of Frustration at CIA Helm
2:23-27 Rubbing Shoulders with Trouble, and Presidents
2:28-33 Kidnapped in Iraq: Victim’s Tale of Clockwork Death and Ransom
2:34-7 In a Dentist Shortage, British (Ouch) Do it Themselves
2:42-4 Mayor Chastises Foundation Over Memorial’s Costs
2:44-7 Trimming Down to a Less Costly Design at Ground Zero
3:03-6 A Gambler Sees Beyond the Jackpot
3:08-12 Recognize this Man? The Art Wrold Doesn’t
3:13-17 A Minor Delight for the Awfully Patient
3:17-27 Water, Water for a Week, Nor Anything to Eat
3:27 Gunmen in Passing Car Kills Livery Cab Passenger in East Harlem
3:27-30 Obituaries Burt Todd, 81, Entrepreneur Who Dreamed Big, is Dead
3:31-3 A Chill is in the Air For Sellers
3:45-7 Autopsy Ties Boy’s Death to Boot Camp
3:47 new Recipe for Gasoline Helped Drive Up the Price
4:07 Google video Dumbass on skateboard
4:08 dildo
4:09 webcam girls gone wild
4:12 he just cant resist her breasts


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