Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 13, 2006

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

11:05-10 LIVING ROOM Buddhism with a New Mind-Set
11:24 Art Workshop Lesson: Make Mistakes
11:34-8 Homeless Man Goes on Trial in Hate-Crime Murder
11:45-7 Swaying, and Marching, to a Latin Beat
11:47-53 Frail and Ill, but Still Focussed on Global Health
11:56-7 Flora Gill Jacobs, 87, Dies; Opened Dollhouse Museum
12-12:06 For Lincoln Center’s Plaza, A Gracious Entry Point
12:06-9 On your Mark, Get Set, Create Something Arty
12:10-15 On Reality Meny: Bathos (Lightly Basted with Malice)
12:15-16 Sorrows Soothed with Happy Horns Cat Power Town Hall
12:04 Critics Choices New CD’s Regina Spektor Begin to Hope
12:05-16 Scratch a Workaholic, You’ll Find a Couch Potato
12:20-25 Pak Wins in Playoff; Wie Ties for Fifth
12:25-8 Two Streaks Enter French Final, but Only Nadal Leaves Intact

2:05-8 Dots and Quotes Mega Life in the Midwest
3:05-9 NYTBR Inaction Heros Tom Lutz Doing Nothing
3:14-20 Tom Lutz “doing nothing”

6:06-8 Who’s Your Great Great Great Great Granddaddy?
6:10-11 Lessons from Canada: Snooping Works


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