Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

10:08-15 HOME OFFICE NYT From Their Own Online Wrold, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach
10:15-23 Pakistanis Find US an Easier Fit than Britain
10:24-26 Editorial Observer; The Television Has Disinegrated. All that’s Left is the Viewer
10:28-31 A Police Car with Plenty of Muscle
10:31-4 Now the Music Industry wants Guitarists to Stop Sharing
10:50-6 Code Promotions, A Madison Ave Staple, are Going Online
10:57-07 The Tragic Drama of a Broken City, Complete with Heros and Villains When the Levees Broke
11:09-15 Helping Fledgling Poets Soar with Confidence
11:15-12:16 AOL Acts on Release of Data
11:59 wikipedia “abdur chowdhury”
12:16-23 Rohaytn Will Take Lehman Post “I remember the first time I cam into contact with them. I was carrying Adren Meyer’s briefcase into a meeting with Bobby Lehman in the mid-1950’s. They had six desks. I ‘ve always had a yen for them.”
12:23-5 wikipedia “rohatyn” “greenberg”
12:25 “greenberg”
12:25-33 What Organizations Don’t Want to Know Can Hurt
12:34 Tower Records will Auction its Assets
12:34-57 Web Surfing in Public Places is a Way to Court Trouble
12:57-9 The Fame Motive
2:41-4 An Aging Wild Man Writes Again, Quietly
3:51-6 Political Trailblazer is Quick to Microphone
4-02 Britain Charges 11 in Plane Case; Bomb Gear Cited
4:03 Bomb Plot Shocks Germans into Antiterrorism Debate
4:04 Escapee Kills Two Before Capture
4:09 Postmark Could Help Prove Rare Stamps are Authentic
4:15-19 WSJ Judge Finds Wiretap Actions Violate the Law
4:43-5 Fisherman love Alaska’s Bird Creek, But So Do Grizzlies
4:45 Hard Disk Drive, Once a Behemoth Weighing Over a Ton, Hits 50th Year
4:52-4 Political Scientists Get More Scientific in Studying the Vote
4:56 Art with a Message: Buy This House
4:56- 03 Playing Harder to Get
5:00-2 “rachel mcadams”
5:05-9 A Successful Vintner Pours His Pasison into Dynastic Dream
5:14- 15 Unlocking Your Inner Architect
5:16 What Happens when an eBay Steal is a Fake
5:30-3 Directors Take Note: Samuel Beckett was a Micromanager
5:34-8 A Woman Fights to Unravel the Mystery of Her Rare Disease
5:51-2 Faces Too are Searched as US Airports Try to Pick Out Terrorists Before they Board
5:52 NYT Couples are Breaking the Racial Barriers Involved in Adoptions
5:56 Many Experts Fault Reasoning of Judge in Surveillance Ruling
6-02 Rents are Rising Rapidly after long Lull
6:05-6 Man Who Had His Wife Killed Gets New Sentence: Life
6:09 The You Tube Election
6:15-16 The Coldest Case
6:17-19 The Don Quixote of the Plumed Set
6:34-9 WSJ Hot Rod Haven: Speeding for Charity on a Utah Highway
6:39 Aiming for Diversity Textbooks Overshoot
8:20-3 Billiard’s Best Spin Doctors Vie in a Three-Cushion Zone
8:24 City Subways Put New Cars into Service as a Test Run
8:24-6 Plan for New Rail Station Appears Stalled Once Again
8:26 Out for a Chat on the Street, then a Fatal Bullet
10:05-11 Chicken Soup for the Street Fighter
10:11-16 The Trouble When Jane Becomes Jack
10:16-21 Fatherhood I now Learn is a Young Man’s Game
10:25-30 It’s Getting Easier to be Green
10:34-6 Ben Wood Our Man in Shanghai
10:40-3 Hazing Bares a Dark Side of Russia’s Military
10:43-07 Tracing British Terror Plots, British Watch, Then Pounce
11:09-11 Ping Pong Star Had to Spend a Week in a Cucumber Patch
11:12-17 A trader’s Train to Wall St, Conneticut
11:23-5 Web Sleuths Veryify Celebrity Profiles on MySpace
11:27-31 Olympics Imperil Historic Beijing Neighborhood
11:32-5 Yeah, They Torture Jeans. But It’s All for the Sake of Fashion
11:38-9 Let’s Hear it for the Lounge Act
11:40 It’s Hot. Drink Your Wheat
11:45-7 A Family Tragedy Unfolds Before Neighbor’s Eyes
12:02 Six Women, A Cave and Some Monsters


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