Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 16, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

1:05-6 SUBWAY Harlem Deli Worker Dies After Struggle Over a Box of Cereal
1:07-8 Ken Richmond, 80, Gong-Striker Familiar to Film Goers, Dies
1:09-10 For French Blacks, a Face on TV News is Only the Start
1:10-12 Verizon is Rewiring NY, Block by Bloc, in a Race for Survival
1:13-17 When Elevators Break Doown, City’s Enforecment Can Falter
2:45-9 Hezbollah’s Rockets Are Critical Issue for Negotiators
2:50-3 Hunters are the Least of the Grose’s Worries in Britian
3:05-9 Planned Tower would cap off Revitalization of Times Square
3:10-12 Four Die on Turnpike as a Flatbed Truck Slams into Cars
3:14-18 WSJ The Guard Dog Ate My Matisse
3:18-20 Money and Happiness: Here’s Why You Won’t Laugh All the Way to the Bank
3:21-4 Bees on a Plane are a Real Life Problem Vexing Some Pilots

8:59-9 PATH What are Web Surfers Seeking? Well. its Just What You’d Think
9:04-6 Charities Begin at Home
9:07-9 Until Recently Full of Primise, Satellite Radio Runs into Static
9:09-17 Student Plagiarism Stirs Controversey at Ohio University

10:35-11:22 HOME OFFICE Matthew Fuller Behind the Blip 34 pages


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