Saturday, August 26, 2006

July 12, 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

11:21-31 SUBWAY Blast Levels Town House; Inquiry Focusses on Owner
12-12:02 If Walls Could Have Talked, They Might Have Said Something Classified
12:03 The Day Disaster Arrived on East 62nd
12:19-1:10 NY MAG Some Dark Thoughts on Happiness
2:04-08 BETH ISRAEL MEDICAL CENTER Some Dark Thoughts on Happiness
2:10 The Look Book
2:11-14 A South Fork Story
2:15 NYT A Haitian Exile is Arrested, to His Compatriot’s Relief
2:21-6 Meth Users, Attuned to Detail, Add Another Habit: Identity Theft
2:27 Pit Bull of the House Latches on to Immigration
2:33-5 Century After Murder, American Tragedy Draws a Crowd
2:37-8 U.S. To Test Security Devices at PATH Station
2:39 Reappraising a Bridge and a Visionary

9:05-6 HOME OFFICE NYT Hey You Get Into My Cloud
9:08-15 For Short Stays, A Home Away from the Costly Hotel Furnished Quarters
9:16-17 Even at the End He Didn’t Get it
9:18-21 How Much is That Laptop? It Depends on the Color of the Case. And That’s Fair
9:21-26 The Not So Small Small Screen
9:28-9 Little Shift in Prices of Manhattan Apartments
10:07-11 Debating the Path of Cordtlandt Street
10:11-12 Queens: Two Die in Livery Car Crash Brooklyn: Woman Charged Over Building Plans
10:12-18 It’s an Auction Jim, But Not as We Know It
10:18-21 A Taliban Past and a Cloudy Yale Future
10:22-8 New York Fails at Finding Evidence to Help the Wrongfully Convicted
10:29-34 Feeling Boyish, in Shorts or a Suit
10:34-9 Elegantly Wrapped, in Search of Itself
10:39 11:57 Going to Lyon
12:04-7 Suddenly, Sand Bags and Potshots at Post 1
12:07-8 Avian Flu Tends to Kill Youths as in 1918 Wave, Study Finds
12:09-12 Last Stop Lhasa, Chinese Rail Line
12:13 Does this Goo Make You Groan
12:14 Sleater Kinney Bows Out
12:15 Dead Shark Not Aging Well
12:17 With a Coat of New Paint, Revealing the True Judd


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