Saturday, August 26, 2006

July 4, 2006

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

9:56-8 HOME OFFICE TIME OUT The Road to Guantanamo, Two Drifters
9:58-10:04 O Fantasma, In the World, Two Drifters

10:31-5 TIME OUT Magnificent ObsessionJoao Pedro Rodrigues mixes Sirk and skates in Two Drifters
10:40-2 The Marquis de Sade in a more Complex Guise
10:43-9 “unhelpful” reviews

1:37-50 “carol bove”
1:50-2:02 “slater bradley” “banks violette” “carol bove”
2:02-6 “neo rauch”
2:27- 2 Sitcom Given Up For Dead Hits the Web. It’s Alive
2:31-41 If it all seems familiar there may be a reason
2:47-52 Two Views of Terror Suspects: Die_hards or Dupes
2:52-6 Detainees May Test Reach of Guantanamo Ruling
2:56-05 A Top Senate Repulbican is Uncertain on Legislation for Miltary Tribunals for Terror Suspects

6:04-9 A Blog Mogul Turns Bearish on Blogs
6:10-14 A Gray Market in Furniture Spawns a Feud in Europe
7:23-4 Exhortation from Gourment: Eat, Drink and Buy Appliances
7:25-6 A Magazine Interview or an Ad? Read the Fine Print
7:29-36 A Search Engine that’s Becoming an Inventor
7:41 Couple Found Murdered in Their Home, Police Say
7:42-8 Airfares Made Easy (Or Easier)
7:49-50 I Got Millions for Writing This Article
7:50-6 The 12 Watches a Year Solution


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