Saturday, August 26, 2006

July 13, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

9:27-9 HOME OFFICE WSJ Court Says Prosecutors Pressure White-Collar Defendants Unfairly
9:30-9 In Bid to Boost Flagship Brand Heinz Courts a Golden Customer
9:39-47 At Apple, Secrecy Complicates Life but Maintains Buzz
9:50-2 How Many Computers Does it Take to Make Contact with ET’s
9:52-5 “distributed computing” “seti.hom” “floating point”
9:59-10 State Employee Fired for Using State Property to Search for Extra Terrestrials
10:33-9 Downtown Goes Upscale
10:39 Out of College, Now Living in Urban Dorms
10:39-40 Don’t Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters
10:41- 4 For Joey Hot Dog, A World on the Wane
10:45-8 Let Us Now Praise Sort of Famous Men
10:49-11:12 Nabbing the Elusive Nickel
11:08-10 Collecting Signatures, and a Little Grief
11:13-15 Chanelling the Cat’s Meow 12:48-50 Mr. Peanut, You’re Perfect. Now Change.
11:18-20 Now You See It… The March of the Futons
11:20-21 Next Door to Protected Elegance, Lexington Avenue Urges, Me Too
11:29-30 Walk a Mile in My Shoes
11:42-5 When the Personality Disorder Wears Camouflage
11:45 His Hipness: John G. Roberts
11:45-8 Among the Ghosts: Heroes and Grand Plans
1:02-12 A. Davies Applied Economics “Computational Intermediation and the Evolution of Computation as a Commodity”
2:55-6 He Wasn’t Thinking Straight, So How do You Get Through?
2:59 Sleep Proves More Elusive Than Many Believe
2:59 Refining Vision Surgery for a Sharper Focus
3:00-3 Forget the Second Helpings. It’s the First Ones that Surprise You
3:35-51 Rogue Giants at Sea
3:45-51 “munchen”
3:53-01 A Job with Travel but No Vacation

9:45-11:12 Franco Moretti Modern Epic 43 pages
10:12-12:12 Zizek The Sublime Object of Ideology 14 pages


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