Saturday, August 26, 2006

July 27, 2006

Thursday, July 27, 2006

10:46-7 HOME OFFICE WSJ Inner Caveman Returns to Bud Lite
10:47-51 London is So Dry It’s Planting Cactus in Place of Begonias
10:51-7 Nice Rats , Nasty Rats: Maybe It’s All in the Genes
10:57-8 Water Safety is a Summertime Essential
10:58-08 Celebrating Puzzles, in 18,446,744,073,709,551.616 Moves (or So)
11:08-11 A Hotel with 2 Kinds of Condos: Dear, and Dearer, Still
11:11-12 A Bear-Eye’s View of the Heat (Don’t Worry, It’s Cool)
11:18-19 Study of Songbirds Finds High Levels of Mercury
11:20-5 Crash Principals Still Await Payments for Their Work
11:25-6 Unabashedly Raunchy: Peaches
11:27-9 Flying with Children (Yours or Theirs)
11:31-5 Stem Cell Work Gets States Aid After Bush Veto
11:35 Huge Buyout of Hospital Group Highlights Era of Going Private
11:39-47 China’s Nomads trade Up fo an Easier Ride
12:05 The Summer Uniform: Short, Sweet and Cool
12:10-12 In Sleek Fish Market Missing Romance of the Old Ways
12:11 Some Leeway for the Small Shoplifter

12:35-38 You’re Either on the Family Bus or Off Little Miss Sunshine
12:38-40 Tate Modern Announces Plan for an Annex
12:40-8Creamy Healthier Ice Cream? What’s the Catch?
1:37- Options Expand for High-Speed Internet
2:09 Phineas Gage’s Story


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