Friday, February 02, 2007

September 7, 2006

Thursday, September 7, 2006

9:57-9 SUBWAYRoddick Returns just as Nadal Disappears
9:59-10:02 Discount Bus Companies Tangle Over Territory
9:53-5 DINING ROOM Equal Opportunity Offender Plays Anti-Semitism For Laughs
9:57-8 Publisher and Author Settle Suit Over Lies
9:58-10:01 He Could be a Contender, It Seems
10:02-3 A Rich Coat of Gloss on a Trajectory Spiralling Down
10:07-8 The Unpleasant Realities of a Family on the Edge
10:08 Nature on the Threshold
10:09-10 For Those on the Fence about Changing the Walls
10:14-15 Are there Windows that allow me to look out but nobody to look in?
10:20-5 Don’t Keep Your Data in One Stash
10:26-36 President Moves 14 Held in Secret to Guantanamo For Congress Two Votes Loom
10:37-9 Mrs Astor’s Guradian Says Son May Have Mishnadled Millions
10:40 HOME OFFICE On Austrian TV a True Story of Captivity


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