Friday, February 02, 2007

August 29, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1:43-4 LIVING ROOM NYT Forget Legroom, What about water?
1:44-7 A Chef Turns his Wedding into a Five-Day Movable Feast
1:48-51 Picasso’s Other Muse, of the Sachshund Kind
1:52 -5African Languages Grow as a Wikipedia Presence

9:41-4 NYT Austrian Girl Describes 8 Years of Captivity and her Escape
9:55-5 Kidnapped Girl Found Alive after 8 Years
10-02 Plane in Crash Nearly Made it Off Ground, Officials Say
10:03-4 South Dakota Plans its First Execution Since 1947
10:07 “sirny” “elijah page”
10:09-17 Portrait of Elijah Page
10:17-19 RapidCity New Governor puts Page execution on hold
10:19-21 SD Governor Hals Execution of Killer
10:26-30 A Man Who Looks in the Mirror and Smiles
10:41-2 The Math was Complex, the The Intentions, Strikingly Simple
10:44-9 Whispers of Mergers Set Off Bouts of Suspicious Trading


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