Sunday, January 15, 2006

January 14, 2006

Saturday, January 14, 2006

12:04-7 L/R COUCH “Suozzi Takes Jab at Spitzer in Governor’s Race”

12:25-30 DINING TABLE NY Times “All That Curvy Glass: Is it Worth It?”
12:30-1 “On the Market”
12:31-2 “Residential Sales Around the Region”
12:33-4 “Protecting Condos Against Liability”

1:47-57 L/R COUCH “Women in Crisis”
1:57-2:01 “Dark Truths of a Killing Love”
2:02 “Bad News for Syriana”
2:02-09 “Claire Danes Gets Her So-Called Shot” Now I want to see movies by Andrew Lau.
2:10-20 “The Slacker Divas’ 10th Anniversary Gift”
2:20-1 “Playlist” Kalefa Sanneh Beyonce and Sarah Harmer and Envelopes
2:21-3 “Portrait of the Artist as a Paint Splattered Googler” Skimmed


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