Friday, February 03, 2006

February 2, 2006

Thursday, February 2, 2006

12:30-45 HOME OFFICE Ebay listings for Catimina oilly cakewalk kaboo tea collection jean bourquet pangolin gerlingot marese deux par deux Hanna
1-12-14 “Wounded ABC Anchor and Cameraman Flown to US”
1:14-16 “Anti-War Protestor Arrested Before Speech, but Her Presence Looms Large” (arrested for wearing a tshirt)
1:21-2 “Women are said to face Hidden Heart Disease Risk”
1:23-4 Off the Menu review of Room 4 Dessert on Cleveland Place
1:24-5 “Living Ever Larger: Estates in the Sky”

4:25-26 Google: Philosophy of Happiness

5:05-6 NY WATERWAY FERRY NY Times “For Some, There is Such a Thing as Too Thin”
5:07-8 Frey Says Falsehoods Improved his Tale

5:30-40 NJCU OFFICE 3 diagnostic grammar essays, chapter 12 and 13 Little Brown Handbook
5:42-9 “Cool Like Me” Donnel Alexander

9:04-20 99 BUS “Introduction” to Case Histories by Alexander Kluge 9 pages

9:35 DINING ROOM TABLE NY Times “”How to Get to Princeton: Just Use the Name”


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