Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 27, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

3:14-19 Mitchell London Foods NY Mag Up With Grups
3:20-3 Bathing Beauties
3:24 I want your text
3:25 Flush with cash
3:26 Della Femina on the Move

4:20-2 LIVING ROOM Bookforum Composing Herself (Barbara Guest (1920-2006)
4: 25 Noted The Totality for Kids
4:29-32 Place Odyssey Peter Stamm’s fiction charts elusive geographies
4:32-4 Artforum What Does the Jellyfish Want?
4:37-40 Cross-Eyed Pontius Pilate by Roger Caillois
4:40 NY Times Pork that ‘s Good for the Heart May Be Possible with Cloning
4:41-3 Bush was Set on Path to War, Memo by British Adviser Says
4:43 Students with Grit and Courage are Awarded Times Scholarships


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