Monday, May 08, 2006

April 27, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

12:45-6 LIVING ROOM NYT In Tapes of Subway Plot Sustect, A Disjointed Torrent of Hatred

2:27-9 HOME OFFICE NY Times Fired CIA Official Denies Role in Leak
2:37 Ants, Better with Dose of Humanity (and Humor)
2:40 After the Adoption, A new Child and the Blues
2:40-1 Sometimes the Truth is Not What Sets You Free
2:49 Body Found in Landfill is Believed to be Student
2:50-3 Developer Takes A Financial Deal for Ground Zero
2:54-5 First at Chernobyl, Burning Still
2:58 At Decision Time, Colleges Lay on the Charm
3:00 The Oyster is His World
3:03 Out of the Winter and Into the Weeds
3:04 Dinnerware With Corners
3:06-7 Film Review Three Stories of Love, Each Illuminated by an Inner Light

5:57-6:01 FERRY Grand Jury Gets Rove Testimony Over CIA Leak
6:01-3 Second Thoughts in Congress on Oil Tax Breaks
6:03-7 First, Idea, Plot and Characters. Then, a Book Needs an Author
6;07-10 Novelist Claims She Read Copied Novel
6:10-11 Chicago Prohibits Foie Gras

6:21-33 LIGHT RAIL Nyer Ken Auletta, The Dawn Patrol: The curious rise of morning TV, and the future of network news 4 pages

7:23-54 NJCU Dawn Patrol 5 pages
7:55-812 Louis Menand, Missionary: Edmund Wilson and American Culture

9:38-41 PATH Loners Broken Flowers and Grizzly Man

11:20-3 DINING ROOM The Death of Milton Rocana, Unseen, Nnoticed and Horrible
11:23-4 Property Taxes Rising Too Fast, Report Warns
11:25-9 New Rebuilding Plan Leaves Some Wondering What the Big Rush Is

11:58-12:02 HOME OFFICE NYT If You’ve Had Your Eye on the Louis Ghost Chair
12:03-6 Kitchen and Bath Forecast
12:10-11 She Who Controls Her Body Can Upset Her Countrymen
12:13 Rituals of Grief Go Online as Web Sites Set Up to Celebrate Life Recall Lives Lost
12:31-2 New Tricks of a Broswer Look Familiar


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