Monday, May 15, 2006

May 14, 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006

5:56-9 HOME OFFICE NYT Emperor May be Naked, but Artist is a Hit
6:00-5 In Sukoku 9, Little Numbers Create a Big Challenge
6:05-6 The Wndsurf’s Up On the Columbia River
6:10-13 Bush is Pressed by Lawmakers on Report of Phone Call Records Gathered by NSA
6:14 Wal Mart Eyes Organic Foods, and Brand Names Get in Line
6:21-3 An Agency’s Worst Nightmare: Ads Created by Users “User-Generated Content”
6:27-9 Google Shows New Services in Battle of Search Engines
6:30-4 Putting the Wire Back into Networking
6:37-8 Theft Delays Worldwide Cyclist after 44 Years and 355,000 Miles
6:39-43 Leaving the Wild, and Rather Liking the Change

7:56- 8:02 Higher Learning in France Clings to Its Old Ways
8:03-5 New Fears of Security Risks in Electronic Voting Systems
8:06-7 Priest Found Guilty of Nun’s 1980 Murder
8:07-13 Cannes Gold Tarnishes in US
8:14-21Go with My Blessing. And My Staff, while you’re at it.

10:18-19 WSJ Grandma the Packrat: New Approach Finds Pearls Amid Junk
10:18-19 The Biggest Fish on Wall Street? robably Not Who You Think
10:24-28 Hip to be Square: Why Young Buyers Covet Grandpa Cars
10:28-31 Degrees @
10:34 Teflon Coated Cookware Owners Fle Suit Over Potential Chemical Dangers
10:35 Laptops for Klutzes
10:45 Designing Children Little Man
10:45-6 Organic Wines Make a Natural Progression
10:49 NYTimes H&M Names Dutch Pair as Designer for a Season
10:54 Art in Review: Olafur Eliasson


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