Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June 15, 2006

Thursday, June 15, 2006

10:18-20 LIVING ROOM NYT Broad Economic Worries Drive a Global Sell Off
10:20-2 Downturn? What Downturn? Lehman Profit is UP 47%
10:30-32 David (Car) Has Better Chance against Goliath (SUV)
10:42-5 Not So Accessible
10:46-51 Gygory Ligeti, Central European Composer of Bleakness and Humor, Dies at 83

4:06-10 HOME OFFICE Stranger Stabs a Texas Tourist on the Subway
4:10-11 No Rove Charges over Testimony in CIA Leak Case
4:11- 17 Hiding in Plain Sight, Google Seeks an Expansion of Power
4:21 Reno Suspect Is Also Sought in the Killing of his Wife
4:21 LI Keeper of Birds is Accused of Going After Neighbors’ Cats
4:25-6 Fishing Boat Capsizes in Rockaway Inlet; Three of the Four Aboard are Rescued
4:26-8 Hospital’s Garden of Sobriety May Soon Sprout Rows of Cars
4:32-3 A Champagne True to Its Roots
4:34- 51 Look Who’s Behind the Counter Now
4:55-03 Product Placement Deals Make Leap From Film to Books
5:21-4 Is Barefoot Better? Some Athletes Say Running Shoeless Benefits Body and Soul
5:24-5 This War Against Germas Has a Silver Lining

9:47-10:01 Paul Ormerod Why Most Things Fail 32 pages
10:39-41 WSJ Kroger Fights Goliath, and Investors Freeze
10:41-2 Interest Rate Fears Drive World Wide Slide
10:43-5 The Wireless Factor: A Challenge to the Ipod
11:06-9 A Road Map to Smart Money More Than You Know Michael J. Bauboussin
11:10-11 US To Review Proposals to Shield Commercial Planes From Missiles
11:12-15 In Texas, Some Pine For Ornery Varrmints Driven Underground
11:17-21 Mixing Diet Coke and Mentos Makes a Gusher of Publicity
11:21 “mentos and diet coke”
11:27-8 A Little Known Tuition Tax Break
11:34-6 The World’s Most Interesting Article


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