Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 1, 2006

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

8:09-11 LIVING ROOM NYT Sumemrtime Tug of War: Cool the Air, or Sweat It Out
8:11 Blackout Losses Exceed Con Ed’s Lmit, Survey Says
8:12-14 Newark Officer Fatally Shot Suspect in Custody, Police Say
8:14=16 Crackdown Makes the Pleasures of a Cultural Thing Rickier
8:50-2 Mother’s Companion is Usspected in Death of a 2 Year Old Bronx Girl
9:04-5 How Was Your Vacation? Humiliating
9:05-6 Say Hi to Your Mom Impeccable Blahs
9:06-8 Rick Ross Port of Miami
9:13-15 Name Dropper’s Boarding School Intrigue Special Topics in Calamity Physics
9:15-20 Into the Labyrinth The Keep10:15-25 Men Not Working and Not Wanting Just Any Job
10:36-8 At 25, Media Fates Came to Call
10:42-5 Some in Santa Fe Pine for Lost Symbol, but Others Move On
1:58-03 WSJ With Planes Packed, Being Late Has Never Been So Expensive
4:50-2 A Former Astor Aide Tells How Spending Habits Changed
4:52-3 The Powedery Remanants are Gone, but the Stamp of Addiction Remains
4:53-4 Teenage Mugger Draws 22 Year Sentence in Murder of 15 Year Old for Ipod
4:55-5 Doctor Failed to Tell Agency of Girl’s Abuse

5:50-4 HOME OFFICE “marisha pessl”

9:37-8 The Mr. Moto Collection, volume 1
10:25-6 The Sadistic Blood Lust of an Attempt to Get Rich Quick
10:39- 40 WSJ Big Screen Miami Vice
10:42-4 The Lessons Learned from Red Green Wine
11:00-2 Tax Cheats Called Out of Control
11:06-8 What’s So Funny?


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