Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 7, 2006

Monday, August 7, 2006

9:13-18 LIVING ROOM WSJ Are Frappucino Wars Or Frugality To Blame for Starbucks’ Stubmle
9:18-25 Vows
9:25-9 In the Summer, In the City, the Heat Changes a Tune
9:30-3 9/11 Commisoners Say They Went Easy on Guiliani to Avoid Public’s Anger
9:33 10 More Died in Heat Wave, Coroners Say
9:33-5 Theatre District Will Get Taller, If Not Richer
9:36-7 From Squeak to Chic
9:38-40 Tulips and Two-By-Fours
9:40 Unrealized Real Estate
9:43-5 As the Heat Rosee, the Hyrdrants Gushed
9:45-8 Toyota Drove to the Bank in a Ford
9:50-2 Is it the Drun or the Drink Doing the Talking
9:50-2 So English is Takin Over the Glove. So What
9:57-9 The Rich Spend Just Like You and Me
9:59-10 Old MacDonald Had A Produce Growing Coop


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