Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 11, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

9:50-1 The Customer Wants a Juicy Steak. Just Add Water
9:51-7 WSJ Outbreak of Rabies Mars the Comeback of Canines in China
9:57-00 Corporate Art Choice: Go for Bold Statement or Creepy Blandness?
10- 02 Apple Unveils New Computer
10:02-8 Famous, Online
10:11-12 A New Lease on Life for 529 Plans
10:12-14 Stuck in Phone Tree: Some Companies Try To Make Escape Easier
10:25-27 Want Fat With That?
10:36 New From Toyland: Gadgets that Chat
10:37-40 On My Space, Millions of Users Make ‘Friends’ with Ads
11:40-2 After the Flood, the Reckoning
11:59-Clinton, Unlike Lieberman, Dodges Political Peril For War Vote
12:02-3 At Least 10 Deaths in City Attributed to Heat
12:10-12 A Pop Star with Cheek. And Bite
12:11 lily allen
12:54 50 Guys All Trying to Look Like Bruce Lee
12:54-7 PBS FIRING of the Host on a Show for Children Draws Protest
1:03-5 GI Crime Photos May Be Evidence
1:07-8 Jason Rhoades, 41 Maker of Transgressive Installations
1:09- 12 Let’s Say Your Toilet Backs Up. How do you find a plumber?

2:05-5:12 Susan Buck-Morss The Dialectics of Seeing Natural History Historical Nature Ruin


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