Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 24, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

3:50-1 LIVING ROOM NYT Defying Law, A Foie Gras Feast in Chicago
3:52-4 Study of Test Scores Finds Charter Schools Lagging
5-:5:10 Tempting Data, Privacy Concerns
5:10-15 Fired or Quit, Tom Cruise Parts Ways With Studio
5:17-19 Star Banker with Future, Emerges Free
5:19-26 Quattrone Deal Drops All Charges, Allows His Return to Wall Street
5:37-41 High Technology, Enthroned
5:33-6 Planting The Seeds
5:26-32 Housing Slump Proves Painful for Some Owners and Builders
6:05-9 For Hedge Funds Backing Cruise Could Be Risky Business
6:09 Disc Jockey’s Left Spinning By Couples Who Program Ipods for Wedding Music
6:14 Radio Daze
6:21-5 Lost in Translations
6:26 MTV Twenty Five Years of Pushing the Envelope
6:28-31 A Test for Alcohol and its Flaws
6:33-4 A Smithsonian of One’s Own In Flagrante Collecto


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