Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 25, 2006

Friday, August 25, 2006

10:24-6 Free Sharpcast Service Lets You Synchronize Your Photo Albums
10:26-31 True Mystery: Who Sold Famous Batch of Vintage Comics
10:55-8 bummer of a summer

2:30-41 Small Colleges, Short of Men Embrace Football
2:41-51 A List Director to Disney: It’s Not Nice to be Snubbed “the puff book”
2:51-4 Harvard Divided Over a Study Room by Alvar Aalto
2:55 CSS cansei de ser sexy
3:02 Endgame Rules: Borrow Sample Multiply Repeat
3:27-30 WSJ Out of Line Why We’re Reluctant to Reprimand Other People’s Children
3:31-2 In the Land of Wrinkled Noses
3:36-9 To Avert a Fractured Fairy Tale, A Wedding Planner

4:23- Cory Arcangel Raphael Gygax Minimalize Mario
4:40-4 data diaries cory arcangel
4:53 Craig Dworkin Legion II
4:54-5 “Walter Ruttmann” “Seth Price”


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