Saturday, July 08, 2006

June 25, 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

5:55-59 LIVING ROOM NYT Women Have Seen It All on Subway, Unwillingly

9:39-47 DINING ROOM That Melon Tenderloin Looks Awfully Familiar
9:48-50 LR WSJ Baseball Confronts the Luck Factor
9:50-55 A Psychotropical Paradise Artificial Happiness Ronald Dworkin
9:56-10:03 As Worker’s Pensions Wither, Those for Executives Flourish
10:07-8 More Marketers Place Web Ads By Time of Day
10:08-11 Takin off The Ritz—A Tad
10:11-14 Nike Takes Chuck Taylors From AntiFashion to Fashionista
10:15-25 What You Can Catch from the Waves
10:29 Big Deal Will She Keep Starck’s Interior?
10:25 Charging Ahead: Gadget Furniture
10:31-2 A Federal Style Gem that Outshines Gracie Mansion
10:35-40 British Filmaker’s Death in Gaza Continues to Resound
10:40-3 Human to Human Infection by Bird Flu Virus is Confirmed

10:47-9 NYT A Strange Loss of Face, More than Embarrasing


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