Monday, February 13, 2006

February 12, 2006

Sunday, February 12, 2006

1:04-12 LIVING ROOM COUCH NYT “White House Knew of Levee’s Failure on Night of Storm”
1:12-13 “Un Reversakm Ex-Fema Chief Will Answer Storm Questions”
1:13-16 “Official Resigns Public TV Post”
1:16-17 “E Mail Notes Say Lobbyist Met President Many Times”
1:17-19 “President of Getty Turst Resigns Under Pressure”
1:20 Film Review “A Weathered Rocker But Still Unbowed”
1:21-2 Film Review “The Bumbling Inspector Looks Different These Days”
1:22-3 “Weathered Rocker”
1:24 The Listings “St Etienne”
1:28-9 “Housekeeper to Stars Adnuts Steakung Frin Her Least Favirites”
1:31-3 “4 Operations and 11 Days Can’t Stop the Deadly Work of 3 Bullets”
1:33-5 “Shot in Case of Mistaken Identity, Officer Dies after 11 day Ordeal”
1:36-38 “Jury to Decide if Flying Sizzling Shrimp Led to Man’s Death”

4:12-15 “Matchmaker Pairs Computer and Stereo”
4:16 Circuits “Music Station Taps Wires in Your Walls to Pipe Sound
4:17 “A Keyboard and Mouse Set Made to Match the Mac Mini”
4:27-8 “Officer’s Uniform Waits in Station House for Last Sad Duty”
4:28-9 “Benihana Wins Flying Sizzling Shrimp Case”
4:32 “Big British Supermarket Chain will Open Small Stores in Us”
4:32 “Demand Strong as 30 Year Bond Makes a Comeback”
4:32-5 “Republican Speaks Up, Leading Others to Challenge Wiretaps”
4:35 “Ex Fema Leader Faults Response by White House”
4:39-40 “Danish Cartoon Editor on Indefinite Leave”

6:12-25 HOME OFFICE Adorno Notes To Literature volume 1, “Proust” 5 pages
6:45-7 Adorno Minima “Dedication” “Where the Stork Brings Babies From”
7:23-37 Daniel Nettle Happiness 20 pages
9:44-49 Wershler Henry “Uncreative is the New Creative” 3 pages
9:50- 10:01 NYTimes Your Money “Waiting for Just the Right Moment to Take Out the Wallet”
10:02-10 LCD tv
10:12-19 Fredric Jameson “Surrealism without the Unconscious” Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism 4 pages (tv is about misdirection and lies and what we “are not thinking about”)
12:10-21 Jameson “Surrealism” 7 pages


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