Friday, February 10, 2006

February 4, 2006

Saturday, February 4, 2006

11:52-5pm HOME OFFICE Yahoo Finance; Thoratec
11:56-12:08 Halstead Propetry “Downtown”
12:09 NYT “Jack Frost Napping”
12:09-11 “Murder Trial Ends, but the Mystery Doesn’t”
12:12-17 “Pieces Editor Now Says he Was Fooled by Frey” (lies)
12:18-“Chinese Collectors Resist Buying Western Art”
12:20-21 Film Review “Mr Creepy Voice is Back, For the Cellphone Crowd”
12:23-28 “Good Luck with that Broken Ipod” (one yr or two max)
12:25- 31“New Printer Cartridge or a Refill? Either way, the Ink is getting Cheaper”
12:32 “Disappointing Earnings at Tech Firms Drags Shares Lower”
12:33-5 “Online Trail Can Lead to Court”
12:38:47 “The New Science of Lying” read 2 pages

1:32-4 World Happiness
1:36-54 “So What Do You Have to Do to find Happiness”


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