Monday, February 13, 2006

February 9, 2006

Thursday, February 9, 2006

3:50-59 HOME OFFICE MOGN 30 day moving average chart; Buy/Sell
4:00-06 Zizek The Metastases of Enjoyment “The Pure Surface of the Sense Event” ****
5:50-2 PATH TRAIN “As Teflon Troubles Pile up, Du Pont Responds with Ads”

6:24-31 LIGHT RAIL 5 student quizzes; Little Brown Handbook Answer Key. exercises 13-1, 13-2

9:07-13 PATH TRAIN pm NY Times “Low Fat Diet Does not Cut Health Risks, Study Finds”
9:14-15 Chinese Editor Dies After Beating by the Police”
9:16 Nebraska Man Sentence for Having Sex With Girl, 13

11:50 HOME OFFICE NY Times “Mallory Kean paid obit” “Smell in Stereo” (rats)
11:54-5 Rock Review Jenny Lewis
11:54 Mallory obit
11:55 Jenny Lewis
11:55-8 Last Chance “Superficial Engagement” A Vivid Potpourri with Carnage at its Core” (Hirschorn)
11:59-12 “Time Warner Agrees to Sell Book Unit”
12:01 “WiFi Heads Up”
12:02 Time Warner Agrees
12:06-9 “At Bronx Zoo, an Elephant Exhibit’s End Plays Out in Elephant Time”
12:03-5 Chinese Editor Dies
12:10-11 Elephant Exhibit
12:23-25 “Zizek” “Virilio” “Baudrilliard”

12:42 Micron Headlines


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