Saturday, February 18, 2006

February 13, 2006

Monday, February 13, 2006

11:20-1 LIVING ROOM COUCH ”A Restaurant With Buzz Also Has a Conflict with its Landlord”
1:40-55 “Kwan Withdraws; Hughes is Called In to Take Her Place”
1:56-9 “NBC Loses its Star, but Help is Coming”
1:59- 2:03 “Teenagers Life is Interrupted for Turin? No Way!”
2:20-5 “The Us Ski Team Has a Bridge for Sale”
2:26-32 “With White’s Triumph in the Halfpipe, Snowboarding Finally Gains an Icon”
2:36-8 “A Stumble and a Lost Opportunity for Ohno to Defend his Gold Medal”
2:39-45 “An Unheralded Frenchman Finds the Course Fits His Style”
2:45-55 “Hey, Whose Grandpa Didn’t Tell Some Tales?”
2:55 “Never Mind the Solitaire, Explain what the IX is for?”
2:56 JP Donleavy Approaches 80, Anything but Gingerly”
3:24 “With Plenty of Warning Millions Mobilize”
3:35 “On Podium , Some Say Mrs. Clinton is No Mr. Clinton”
3:36 “A Year After a Teenager was Dismembered, Still No Answer”

6:14-15 HOME OFFICE “Conservatives Unsettled about Movements Future”
6:15 “The Man Who Keeps Babar’s Young Subjects Loyal”
6:49 “So Many Models in Bikinis, So Many Ways to See them”
6:50-2 “It’s Like Lending to a Friend, Except You’ll Get Interest”
7- 02 “JP Donleavy”
7:07-10 Books of the Times “The Dark Corner of Dilbert’s Cubicle” (Company by Max Berry)”
7:25-36 “A Record Snow: 26.9 Inches Fall in New York City”
7:39-42 “Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter in Mishap on a Texas Ranch”
7:42-6 “Republican Report on Katrina Assails Administration Response”
7:47-9 “Democrat Questions Cheney’s Role in Leak”

10:45-11:04 LIVING ROOM COUCH NY Times Book Rev. “Oh Joy” Happiness: A History
11:20-26 NY Times “The Lowdown on Sweet”
11:31-3 “So Many Men, So Few Women”
11:33-7 HOME OFFICE NY Times “Greetings Kill: Primer for a Pandemic”


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