Thursday, June 15, 2006

May 24, 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

9:05-8 LIVING ROOM NYT In House Races, More GOP Seats Look Vulnerable
9:15-30 Misjudgments Marred US Plans for Iraqi Police
9:30-5 Rough Summer is On the Way for Air Travel
9:36 Ten CEO’s Call for this CEO to be Canned
9:44-5 With $4 Billion, Columbia Raises the Fund-Drive Ante
9:45 Despite Pledge, Taxes Increase for Teenagers
9:52-4 We Care. But Why do We Care so Much?

2:20-30 SUBWAY FBI Raid Divides GOP Lawmakers and White house
2:30 In Shadows, Armed Groups Propel Iraq Toward Chaos

8:08-10 HOME OFFICE A Now-Common Attack and a Family Loses its Men
8:13- 14 That After Dinner Speech Remains a Favorite Dish
8:16-17 Google Moves to Sell Space for Video Spots on Network of Web Sites
8:22-3 Ex-Officer Accused In Killing Had Arsenal
8:25-9 Stories in Heavy Brogue, Varnished with Obscenity
8:31-5 The Empire Built by ‘Idol’
8:36-7 Nigerian Monkeys Drop Hints on Language Origin
8:38-41 Insects: Beware of Clothing That Bites Back

11:40-1 Bird Flu Case May be First Double Jump
11:58- 9 Two Women are Tied to Death of Homeless Men


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