Monday, May 22, 2006

May 17, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

9:06 SUBWAY NYT Beyond I’m a Diabetic, Little Common Ground
9:06-7 Skiing Beyond Safety’s Edge Once Too Often
9:20-32 SUBWAY NY Mag The 9/11 Memorial Fiasco
10:20-42 SUBWAY NY Mag The 9/11 Memorial Fiasco

3:20-4 NY WATERWAY WSJ Historians and Fans are aracing to Catalog Homes Sold by Sears
3:25-9 How the Internet is affecting what—and how—we watch
3:37 Out the Window Are Linux operating systems as easy as promised? We test them out.
6:24 LIGHTRAIL WSJ Nasdaq Drops to a New Low for the Year
6:25-7 What if Housing Becomes a Tortoise
6:27-30 Triplet Towers
6:31-4 How Apples’s Store Strategy Beat the Odds
6:35 Teen Angst: How the New Tax Law Could Hurt Your College-Savings Plan
6:46 NY WATERWAY Research Shows Fighting the IRS is Often Worth It
6:47 Caring for Wood Floors

7:03-5 Hopes, Saved on a Laptop
7:34-7 Building a Brand with a Blog
7:47-9 Federer-Nadal is Sarting to Have that Frazier-Ali Ring

11:43-9 HOME OFFICE “avocado and bugs” “Hudson River Park”
12:01 A New Way to Keep Track of Talent
12:06-19 the office/


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