Thursday, June 15, 2006

May 25, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

9:38-42 HOME OFFICE NYT Charge of Negligent Homicide For Boy, 8, in School Bus Death
9:42-3 Luster of 7 World Trade Center has Tattered Reminder of 9/11
9:45 Lost Star Heads for Jail
9:46-7 Is It just Lost Facial Hair? Or a Conspiracy?
9:49-50 Don’t Like the Ambienece? Switch Floors? Sascha
9:51-8 Scientist at Work Thomas McGlashan A Career that has Mirrored Psychiatry’s Twisting Path
10:05 WSJ Charles Gibson is Named Anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight
10:07 Indisustrials Slip As Early Run-Up Loses Legs Late
10:08-9 When Nike Met Ipod
10:09-10 The Bar Code Gets a Hip new Life
10:20 Live from the Quad, Student TV on the web
10:23 “fresh produce”
10:24-27 “m16” “hey”
10:28-32 Folk Label Hits Web with Beats, Croaks, Wails
10:33 Bear Ponders How Far Stocks Might Pull Back
10:34 Prospecting for Hidden Gems
10:40 New Domain Name .mobi coud spur Wireless Web
10:43 Pay Grade Banking on Long Hours 185k for Investment Banker
10:47-8 Five Best These Books on English are word-perfect, says British Language maven David Crystal

11:39 NYT Mag Faux Logo Blackspot Shoes “cynicism is the new optimism”

4:20-51 La Femme: Could a 52 Year-Old Mother of Four be the Next President of France
6-6:05 The Village Voice Literary Supplement Installation Art Not Necessarily the News: Rebooting the serial novel
6:05-9 After Nature The World’s Most Dangerous Architect Has His Say
6:09 Mehta Fiction 1 page


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