Wednesday, July 05, 2006

June 16, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

9:54-9 HOME OFFICE WSJ To find a mate, raid a dungeon or speak like an elf
10:34-5 Dial M For Meerkats
10:37-8 The Trip of a Lifetime
10:40-8 Wild Kingdom: Where Real and Faux Nature Clash
10:51- How to Shop for Flat Panel TVs
10:55 Art 2.0 Paintings get the Myspace treatment at online gallery
11:07 A Soaring Achievement
11::07-8 Cognac and its Cognoscenti

12:07-10 LIVING ROOM WSJ If Your Shirt is Made of Corn Fiber, Forget abgut using an Iron
12:19-24 In Poverty Tactics, An Old Debate: Who is at Fault
12:25-8 Doctors Question Therapies for Sqagging Skin
12:28-32 Students Face Flood of Refinancing Offers
12:37 Ambulances Find Overwhelmed Ers at Breaking Point
12:38-48 Rem Koolhaas Colors 45 pages
12:47-9 Before He Moves in, The Village Voice Editor Moves On
12:49 Girl and Stepfather are Found Dead in a Suspected Murder-Suicide
12:51 Cruise Ship Goes North, Not South, and Passengers Sue

1:42-4:44 Jean Cocteau Opium 43 pages

11:10-11 NYT The Good Life Afloat
11:13-17 A June 16 in the City: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
11:18-19 Her Boyfriend is so 2004: Can Love Conquer That
11:24-32 Use of Air Masks at Issue in Claims of 9/11 Illness
11:33-8 In Gilded Age of Home Schooling, Students Have Private Teachers


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