Friday, July 07, 2006

June 20, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

9:30-2 LIVING ROOM NYT Mickelson’s Gamble Pays Off for Ogilvy
9:35-7 Critics Choices Nelly Furtado Loose
9:37-9 In Topsy Turby City, Settling Down on Shaky Ground
10:50 NY Mag Luau in Tutus
10:52 Party Lines What was you worst experience waiting tables?
10:50-11:10 Last Seen on September 10
11:10-25 The Urban Etiquette Handbook
11:28-36 What Went Wrong at Astor Place
11:36-7 Market Research: Outdoor Space
11:37-9 Hamptoms Holdouts
11:40 The Tool to Control Avocados
11:40 Bottle Service: A Brief History
11:41-12:32 Sianne Ngai Ugly Feelings 27 pages

1:05-7 HOME OFFICE Men are Better than Women at Ferring Out That Angry Face in a Crowd
1:10-12 Breast Feed or Else
1:12-14 A Hidden Peril Lies in that Warm Moist Air
1:17-9 Murtha, a War Critic, Assails Rove over Speech
1:19 Airline Engine Breaks Apart, Defying Federal Repair Effort
1:21-3 Falsely Accused of Murder at Age 7, a 15 year Old is Back in Court on New Charges
1:24-5 Library Phone Answerers Survive the Internet
1:33 A Flash Drive that Holds Your Computer
1:35 Camera. Action. Edit. Now, Await Reviews.
1:36-7 Closed by Order of the Cook
1:40-5 Weddings/Celebrations
1:45-50 WSJ The Apprenticeship of a Pot Boiler
2:05-7 Hadid A Diva for the Digital Age
2:10-11 Herr Bruno is Having a Picnic, But He’s No Teddy Bear
2:15-17 For Smart Bombs, Smarter Intelligence
2:17-18 A Fence with More Beauty Fewer Barbs
2:21 Cereal in the Bowl Not on the Floor
2:24 A Mosquito Magnet Looks for Relief
2:56 Zen and the Art of Classified Selling
2:57 How Britain Beat Houliganism
3:01-2 Bill Gates on the Competition
3:03-5 New Music to Your Ears
3:11- 16 Jean Attali The Roman System, or the Generic in all Times and Tenses
3:33-39 Friedrich Kittler What’s New about New Media?
3:40-45A Common Parasite’s Strongest Asset: Its Stealth
4:30-35 Rem Koolhaas The Generic City SMLXL 10 pages


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