Saturday, August 26, 2006

August 3, 2006

Thursday, August 3, 2006

1:26-45 LIVING ROOM OCTOBER Rosalind Krauss Bachelors
1:45-57 Thierry De Duve Marcel Duchamp
1:57-2:04 W.G. Sebald Austerlitz
2:40-1 In Mysteries of Reaching 104m Nrs, Astor Offers A Case Study
2:39-40 Bruno’s Granddaughter Is Found in Times Square
2:41-3 Dismissed Butler is at Center of Astor Suit, Lawyer Says
2:45-50 Inquiries in Britain Uncover Loopholes in Drug Trials
2:52-5 Civilians Lose As Fighters Slip inot Fog of War
2:58-9 Fight Over Evolution Shifts in Kansas School Board Vote
2:59-3 Rumsfeld, in Reversal, Agrees to Tesitfy at Senate Hearing
3:01-3 With the Heat Full Blast, Inconvenience But No Disasters
3:04 With Dial on Broil, City Staggers Through Day

5:41-2 Patrick Meagher HOME OFFICE ANE Office Annual Report 2005

11-03 NYT 12 Israeli’s Die; Sheik Threatens to Bomb Tel Aviv
11:05 Nyer Cold Case
11:05-7 Neighborhood Report: Midtown; An Appeal to Conscience in a Hit Run Death
11:07-14 “douglas dibble” “wallace evelyn dibble”
11:14-33 “kirsten westphal”
11:33-4 Nyer Cat’s Away Dept
11:34-5 Wikipedia “chicks on speed”
11:46-8 chicks on speed wordy rappinghood
11:48-50 glamour girl
11:51-3 shoe velocity
11:54-6 we don’t play guitars
11:54-9 Chicks on speed live at sonarsound Tokyo 2004.10.09
12:04-8 Kaltes klares wasser


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