Saturday, August 26, 2006

July 14, 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

10:11-1:07 HOME OFFICE “ambient music” “idm” “richie hawkin” “oval” “warp” “bedbug” “richard brautigan”
1:12-2:20 “barbara brautigan” “akiko brautigan” “tom mcguane” “peter fonda” “bridget fonda”
2:12-3:04 Lawrence Wright, The Life and Death of Richard Brautigan Rolling Stone April 11 ‘85

5:26-31 SUBWAY Bush Would Let Secret Court Wiretap Process
5:33-5 Ex CIA Officer and Husband Sue Cheney, Libby and Rove Over Leak

10:32-8 NYT Two Odes to Nature, Grand and Demure
10:40-57 why reducing pesticides
11:18-25 For Accused GI, Iraq Only Added to His Woes
11:27-30 On Dusty Corner, Laborers Band Together for More Pay
11:31-3 His Visions of Taiwan Soar, From a Very Long String
11:34-7 Many Workers Fail to Collect in Small Claims Court
11:37-8 12 Year Term Given to Man Who Tried to Seize Girl
11:43-7 College Costs and Sallie Mae Rising Hand in Hand

10:38-40 HOME OFFICE NYT And They All Died Happifly Ever After
1040-2 Loneliness, Generosity and Selfishness at the End of Life Time To Leave
10:42 The Random, the Violent, and the Boob Tube Effect 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
10:43-5 Growing up Is Hard to Do Especially When You’re 35 The Groomsmen
10:47-8 Th Oh in Ohio

11:49-05 LIVING ROOM NYTMag Eliza Minot and Her Siblings Have Spent Their Adulthoods
12:08-18 Short and Sweet
12:18-20 Parts of Speech
12:21 Questions for Peter Galbreaith The Break Up
12:30-3 NYTBR Stanley Fish They Write the Songs
12:22-4 NYT Learning to Bypass the Road Blocks
1:03-12 The Boot Cut Slim Fit Bell Bottom Boogie


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